Falkirk Flowers Your flowers will always be delivered by your local interflora florists and of course they will have been beautiful presented and made to look special just for you. If your flowers are wrapped in cellophane remove this and any excess greenery, it is important to ensure you don’t have any greenery in the water as it can cause a bacteria which adversely affects the flowers.  If your flowers come in a vase or basket and are already in water our florists have taken time to carefully arrange your flowers so you don’t really have to do anything else other than ensure they have enough water and trim them occasionally. If you are putting the flowers in your own vase it is important to ensure it is clean and has plenty of lukewarm water in it to optimise the length of time the flowers will last for. Expert Falkirk Florists Before putting your flowers in water we always recommend trimming around 2cm from the stems and cutting them diagonally to ensure they absorb as much water as possible. Be gentle with the flowers so you don’t damage the water vessels in the stems. When placing your flowers there are a few factors to consider: don’t put your flowers in a warm room, a temperature exceeding 22 degrees celcius is too war, we recommend somewhere between 18- 22 degrees celcius. Be careful not to put your flowers too close to any heat sources such as radiators or fireplaces and the heat will dehydrate them and cause them to perish early. One slightly less obvious environmental factor to consider with your flowers is not to put them near any ripening fruit, some fruits release a gas which is harmful to the flowers, so its best to always try and avoid putting them near to fruit at all. Contact Falkirk Flowers If you need any more advice or have a particular query regarding the care or maintenance of your flowers you can call one of our florists within our network and we will happily help you out with anything you need to know.